Prevent interval shortening: consistency in your smoking reduction plan๐Ÿ”„

Jun 29, 2024

Are you looking for more consistency in your smoking reduction journey? CraveLess.MEโ€™s new feature, “Prevent interval shortening,” is here to help. This feature ensures that the intervals between your smoking sessions are never shorter than planned.

How It Works

CraveLess.ME provides a dynamic interval that helps you stick to your allowed cigarettes per day. By default, this means that when you’ve smoked less than allowed, the interval becomes shorter to fit all cigarettes into the day. At times, this is not what you want.

When enabled, “Prevent interval shortening” keeps the interval between your smoking sessions consistent, even if you have cigarettes left. This means your schedule remains stable, helping you build a reliable routine.

CraveLess.Me quit smoking app new feature

Stay on Track

By maintaining fixed intervals, you stay on track with your quitting plan. This consistency helps you handle cravings better, knowing exactly when your next break is due.

Achieve Consistent Progress

With “Prevent interval shortening,” you can focus on making steady progress, celebrating each milestone without disruptions. This feature supports your journey by providing a dependable path towards reducing and quitting smoking.

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