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Track progress, celebrate success, embrace freedom

Your quit-smoking dashboard

Navigate your quit-smoking journey with CraveLess.ME’s dashboard. Quick views of your progress, from cigarettes not smoked to savings gained, keep you on track. Celebrate victories with our ‘Smokes‘ graph and ‘Goal‘ tracker, find strength in your ‘Promise,’ and equip yourself with ‘Checklists‘ and ‘Resources.’ All your daily achievements and plans are compactly displayed, empowering you to keep going and stay flexible. Embrace a healthier life with every cigarette you don’t smoke!

Move away from emotional triggers

Personalized quitting plan

CraveLess.ME tailors a quitting plan to your life, not the other way around. Input your smoking habits and goals, and get a step-by-step schedule that fits your routine, gradually reducing your need to smoke. Gain freedom from cravings on your terms, making each cigarette you don’t smoke a victory towards a healthier you.

Adjusts to your life

Real-time adaptability with Dynamic Interval

Unlike anything available in the market, our Dynamic Interval feature redefines personalized support. Most quit-smoking apps provide rigid schedules, leaving little room for life’s unpredictable moments. CraveLess.ME, however, offers a quitting journey that flexibly adapts to your daily life. Facing an unexpected stressor? Our app smartly adjusts your smoking plan in real-time, ensuring that sudden cravings don’t derail your progress. This level of personalization ensures that each day, you’re equipped with a strategy that understands and adapts to your needs.

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Save more, reach your savings goals

Track your savings, reach your goals

See your savings add up every time you skip a cigarette. With our finance tracking, set financial goals and watch as you steadily reach them, simply by smoking less. Saving for a dream or a special purchase? CraveLess.ME shows how quitting helps you get there faster.

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get support from the community

Share your journey, multiply your support

Your health journey impacts more than just you—it connects you to a community. Our Public Promise feature lets you share your progress, including smoking habits and savings, on social media. This not only keeps you accountable but also inspires others. By sharing your story, you gain support and encouragement from friends and family, making every step towards your goal a collective victory.

Quit day toolkit

Get ready for your quit day with the right support and information. Our carefully chosen articles, success stories, and community links give you everything you need to feel prepared and inspired. Find practical advice and encouragement to help you confidently move towards a smoke-free life.

Plan your day, plan your success

Start each day with clarity and focus. The “Prep for Your Day” feature shows you the smoking breaks allowed for the day, helping you to mentally prepare and organize your activities. By knowing what to expect, you can better manage cravings and stick to your quitting plan. It’s about making each day manageable, giving you the control and foresight to reduce smoking gradually and successfully.

Your journey, your privacy

All your data stays on your phone, and only you have access to it. We believe in keeping your journey to quitting smoking private and secure. With CraveLess.ME, you can focus on your goals, knowing your information is protected and entirely yours. No external access, no compromises—just you and your path to a smoke-free life.

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What You Get

Personal quitting plan

Get a custom quitting plan that fits your life, helping you quit smoking in a way that works best for you.

Cigarette tracking

Track your cigarettes to see your smoking patterns, understand your habits, and make informed adjustments towards a healthier lifestyle.


Choose from checklists to prepare for your quit day, ensuring you’re ready and equipped for the journey ahead.

Public promise

Share your commitment to quit with friends and family on social media, gaining extra support and accountability on your path to being smoke-free.

Financial goals

Set and track financial goals to see the real savings from smoking less, turning each cigarette you skip into a step closer to your financial dreams.

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