Restart your plan: Take control and start fresh today πŸ”

Start fresh anytime with CraveLess.ME’s “Restart plan” feature. Reset your smoking reduction plan easily and stay in control of your quitting journey.

Prevent interval shortening: consistency in your smoking reduction planπŸ”„

Ensure consistent progress with CraveLess.ME’s “Prevent interval shortening” feature, maintaining fixed intervals between smoking sessions. Stay on track easily.

End-of-day adjustment: Flexibility when you need it πŸ•›

Discover CraveLess.ME’s End-of-day adjustment feature, providing flexibility in your smoking reduction plan when you’ve reached your daily limit. Stay on track.

Quit Smoking with A Dynamic Interval Plan

Quit Smoking with A Dynamic Interval Plan

Quit smoking with, the app that helps you quit smoking gradually with a dynamic interval plan. Log your cigarettes and let automatically adjust to your needs. No complicated calculations or manual adjustments required. Kick the habit and quit smoking for good with

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