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Apr 29, 2024

Hey everyone! Big news—your go-to app for kicking the smoking habit just got a cool makeover. Plus, we’ve added a nifty feature that shows you how many cigs you’re allowed as per your quitting plan—right there on the graph! It’s all about making things super clear and keeping you on track with your goals. So, are you ready to see what’s changed and how it’s going to make quitting a breeze? Let’s jump right in!

🚀 What’s up with the update?

Okay, let’s break down the cool stuff. First up, the graph that shows how many cigarettes you’ve smoked? It’s got a buddy now. There’s this new line that marks how many cigarettes you’re planning to smoke—or, well, planning not to smoke. It’s like having a friend who gently reminds you, “Hey, that’s enough for today!”

And the look? It’s cleaner, sharper, and way more fun to navigate. You’ll find what you need in a snap, leaving you more time to focus on the important stuff—like not smoking! Plus, we made sure the info you need pops out. You can thank us for the extra motivation every time you open the app. 😎

🔍 Spot the difference: before vs. after

Remember the old graph? Kinda cluttered, right? It told you how you were doing, but it was a bit of a puzzle to get the full picture. Fast forward to now: it’s like we’ve tidied up with a magic wand. The new graph is like your personal dashboard—it’s all about clarity and getting straight to the point.

The before-and-after is pretty striking. Gone are the days of squinting at your screen, trying to figure out if you’re on track. The new design is like a breath of fresh air—it’s all about celebrating your wins and spotting where you can do even better. Plus, with a clear view of what you’ve planned versus what you’ve actually smoked, sticking to your goals just got a load easier.

💪 Stepping up our game

We’re not just sprucing things up to look pretty. Every tweak and tune-up is done with one thing in mind: making CraveLess.ME the most helpful quit-smoking buddy you’ve ever had. We’re here to make sure that each tap, swipe, and glance at the app moves you a step closer to being smoke-free.

Continuous improvement is our jam. We’re always listening, tweaking, and adding new features that matter to you. Think of us as your behind-the-scenes support team, always working to give you that smooth, easy-peasy journey towards a healthier you.

💌 We want to hear from YOU!

All this new stuff is for you guys, so we’re all ears when it comes to what you think. Slide into our feedback section and tell us about your experience with the new design. Love it? Want something tweaked? Got a brilliant idea? Let’s hear it!

Your two cents could spark our next big update. So keep the comments coming, and let’s continue this journey together. After all, quitting smoking with CraveLess.ME is about you, your health, and your happiness. Let’s make it epic!

Stay tuned—there’s more to come. We’re just getting started. 😁👍

Written By craveless.me

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