Did you know you can now add location to your cigarettes?

Apr 7, 2024

Unlock new insights on your quitting journey: the power of location logging

Quitting smoking is a journey filled with personal discoveries and challenges. At CraveLess.Me, we’re always looking for innovative ways to support you in understanding your smoking habits better. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new feature that lets you add a location to each cigarette you log. This isn’t just about tracking; it’s about providing you with deeper insights into your smoking patterns and helping you make informed decisions on your path to quitting.

Why location matters

Have you ever noticed how some places make you more likely to smoke? Whether it’s a stressful environment at work, a particular social setting, or even just being at home, locations can play a significant role in triggering your smoking habits. By logging the location of each cigarette, you’ll start to see patterns emerge, revealing the places that might be contributing to your smoking.

Enable/disable the feature:

To turn on this feature, simply go to the Settings menu, and toggle the ‘Add location to cigarette’ option.

Make sure to grant the location permission to the app. Without it we can’t add the location.

quit smoking app
quit smoking app

Log a cigarette:

As you go about your day, continue to log each cigarette you smoke as usual.

If you forgot to turn on your location services we’ll remind you. Please note that after turning on the location services you have to log the cigarette again.

Here it is, the location where you had the cigarette

We hope that by adding locations to your cigarette logs, you’ll find valuable insights that empower you to take control of your quitting journey.

It’s about more than just quitting smoking; it’s about understanding yourself and your habits on a deeper level.

Every piece of information you log is a step towards deeper self-awareness and control over your journey to quit smoking. Remember, this journey is unique to you, and there’s a whole community and support system ready to help you navigate it.

quit smoking app
quit smoking app

Check the location icon in your smoking overview

In the smoking overview, you’ll find all your cigarette logs along with the locations where you smoked. Each entry is an opportunity to learn more about your smoking habits and how they’re influenced by your surroundings.

Please note, retrieving address information for each location requires an active internet connection. We understand that you might not always have access to the internet. In cases where obtaining the address isn’t possible, the entry will be marked with a red icon. If this happens, simply “tap on the cigarette log” and select “try again” to update the location information once you’re back online.

Let’s embrace the journey, locations and all

By recognizing the places that influence your smoking, you’re armed with the knowledge to confront and overcome these triggers. Every location logged is a step towards understanding your smoking habits better and crafting a quitting journey that works for you. Here’s to moving closer to a smoke-free life, one place at a time. Together, with every piece of insight, we’re building a clearer path to health and wellness.

Written By craveless.me

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